Meet Our Partners: Nudge Compost

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Did you know that every year the average American family throws away around 500 pounds of food scraps that could be composted? Now imagine all the coffee and espresso grounds a coffee bus can produce!

That’s why we at Sunflower Espresso have partnered up with Nudge Compost. Their business model is simple. They provide us with several buckets (with liners and lids) where we put our food scraps and other compostable materials, and then they come by once a week to pick up and drop off clean buckets. That waste then gets turned into compost. The compost then goes back to costumers or gets donated to community gardens and schools.

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Nudge Compost hopes to help strengthen the long-term soil health of our city, increase food security through better efficiency within the food system, and to ultimately decrease food waste. Their environmental awareness and desire to provide a service that improves our community makes them terrific business partners!

If you’re also interested in partnering up with Nudge Compost, check out their website, and sign-up! They work with both commercial businesses AND private residences.

All Things New

Sunflower Espresso has some new and exciting things taking place! We’ve updated our website to create a more user friendly experience.

Now, you can find the coffee bus by checking out our Events page, or, you can just use the page to discover what’s happening around Wichita. There’s always something going on.

If you have an event that you would like Sunflower to attend, please contact us through our Catering and Contact page. Or if you have a charitable cause that you think we should be a part of, please go to our Charitable Giving page and let us know.

These changes have been implemented in the hopes of better serving our community. Sunflower Espresso has been serving Wichita and the surrounding area since 2015 and we look forward to continuing that legacy through 2019 and beyond!

Meet our sweet partners in crime. Yup, they’re local.

Sunflower carries coffees from PTs Coffee Roasters in Topeka, Monin syrups from Sunflower Restaurant Supply in Wichita.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we also carry local pastries from local bakers like Harmony Coffee Roasters and Nice Bites vegan bakery.

We also make a selection of pastries and goodies right on the coffee bus! Come try one of our slices of chai-spiced pumpkin bread; they are like slices of heaven. You can also take our pastries home with you. We’re happy to do custom baking orders for you. Let us supply you with sweet treats by emailing us at

Kansas roasted: we’re proud to serve award-winning coffees from PTs Coffee Roasters in Topeka

We source most of our coffees from PTs Coffee Roasting in Topeka, Kansas. Not only is PTs at the top of coffee industry lists each year for taste and quality, but PTs also has direct-trade relationships with most of the farmers who grow their coffees.

PTs roast dozens of single-origin specialty coffees and signature blends for their retail locations, wholesale clients, and online customers around the world.

They were named Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine in 2009 and are among the leading roasters reviewed by premier industry resource Coffee Review, with more than 30 scores of 94 and above. We’re proud to partner with a roaster who is not only committed to excellence in coffee roasting, but also excellence in partnerships with its coffee growers.