Our Menu

All drinks can be made hot or iced
hot drinks come in 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16oz
iced beverages come in 16 oz only


Latte ~ steamed milk and espresso

Cappuccino ~ like a latte, but with punchier espresso flavor and airy steamed milk

Breve latte ~ decadent steamed half-and-half and espresso

Espresso ~ double shot of our espresso, only comes in 1 size

Americano ~ espresso and hot water

Chai tea latte ~ steamed milk, chai spices, and Vietnamese cinnamon

Hot chocolate ~ steamed milk and real chocolate ganache

Freshly brewed, Kansas-roasted coffee


Real Mocha ~ steamed milk, espresso, and real chocolate ganache

Lavender Mocha ~ all the delights of a real mocha, plus a hint of lavender

Brianna Rose Mocha ~ all the delights of a real mocha, plus a hint of rose

Jolene Latte ~ Sunflower super-fan Jolene’s favorite: a latte with vanilla, hazelnut, real Vietnamese cinnamon, and an extra shot of velvety espresso

Caramel Delight ~ a latte with rich caramel sauce and real Vietnamese cinnamon

Sticky Toffee Latte ~ a latte with home-made caramel toffee sauce

Ice, Ice, Baby
(Only comes in 16oz)

Cold-brew coffee ~ Fresh coffee, cold-brewed for 24-36 hours. Served over ice

Coffee tonic with fresh mint ~ Our cold brew, iced with tonic water and fresh mint

Lemonade ~ can be served plain or add lavender, rose, or fresh mint


Shot of espresso

Syrup or sauce

Soy or almond milk

Half & half or heavy cream