Serving Weddings and Special Events Safely

As fall approaches and the leaves begin to turn, our coffee schedule starts to pick up. We’d love to add your special event, wedding, or fall get-together to our calendar.

Thanks to our mobile format, we’re able to cater coffee and pastries for your event while also staying safe; our staff will wear masks and use proper sanitation, cleaning, and encourage social distancing among customers. Guests are able to get their treat while also staying safe. Let’s celebrate fall together! Send us a line to book your next special event.

Black Lives Matter. Here’s How We Will Affirm This Truth

Image via Tony Webster,
An activist holds a “Black Lives Matter” signs outside the Minneapolis Police Fourth Precinct building following the officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark on November 15, 2015. Photo: Tony Webster

While our nation is continued to reel from the Covid19 virus, on May 25th, we saw another loss: a Minneapolis police officer was killed an unarmed, non-resisting black man named George Floyd on camera during an arrest.

The video and story soon went viral. People worldwide grieved. They shared their anger and demanded racial justice in the weeks that followed, in Minneapolis, and in cities around the world. It’s right that they should. George Floyd’s murder is one of a long line of murders of black Americans at the hands of police, and these murders must END.

Like many of you, when I read about Mr. Floyd, added too many other similar stories, something broke within me. I had voted for candidates who supported peace, shared my thoughts with local leaders, and lived my personal life in a way to promote equality and respect for all I meet, but that is simply not enough. Not by far, and as of May 25th, I am DONE waiting patiently for small, incremental change. I am done making small change. I know many of you are, too.

We at Sunflower Espresso are re-doubling our commitment to racial equality: in hiring, serving, through donations, and through the service providers we use. We’re actively looking for causes that support and uplift our black community. (Contact us if you have an opportunity to share.) I’ve taken a few weeks to listen more to protestors, local black leaders, and to research intentional ways to make our business a welcoming enterprise for everyone. This is more than hashtag activism; it’s a long and worthwhile journey.

In my personal life, I am finding ways to listen to black stories, to support causes that improve racial equality, and to work toward being anti-racist, not non-racist.

I welcome your ideas and input when it comes to accomplishing these aims. Black Lives Matter.


Still open, with limited contact

How’s it going out there? Are you finding some joy among the gloom?
We here at Sunflower are taking the rest of this to sloooow down and limit our (and your) exposure to Covid19 even farther.

We’ll serve at #wsufoodtruckplaza this Thursday, then go DELIVERY ONLY the rest of the month. You can get our coffee delivered to your face Thurs-Sun from 7:30am-1:30pm through April. Let’s #slowthespread while enjoying our coffee at home.
Find us on and DoorDash! We’ll be offering our beverages, snackies, shirts and other goodies for safe, local delivery in the Wichita area.

Take care of yourselves, and keep in touch with us at We miss you and hope to see you soon!

A time for flexibility

These days remind me of the Albert Camus quote, “Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.” Our community’s efforts to stem the tide of Covid19 are asking all of us to bend, to change, and to rearrange ourselves to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Like many of your favorite local businesses, we’re adjusting and trying to meet that challenge. 

Sunflower Espresso has always been dedicated to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness; now, we will practive even more vigilance by sanitizing and bleaching throughout our services. As we are a business that serves in the open-air, this is a good way to get coffee, treats, and minimize exposure.

We will be out at some of our usual locations during this time, including the downtown Urban Pop-Up Park and Wichita State University. Due to CDC recommendations, some of our events have been canceled or rescheduled like the Old Town Farmers’ Market and the Lake Afton Public Observatory.

We hope during this time to do what we can to help encourage whatever practices are best for us and our community. If we incorporate any other changes, we will happily keep you informed.

If you are unable to visit us in person during this time, know we’ll ship your coffee and favorite Sunflower items to you from our online store. We offer free local delivery, and modest shipping everywhere else. 

Love, Kate and the Sunflower Team

We’ll See You in 2020

The team at Sunflower Espresso is ready to charge into 2020 with renewed excitement and more services! We hope to catch you as we serve around Wichita, and to delight your senses with new drinks we’re developing.

One easy way to find us is to check out our online events calendar. Each public service we have on the books is listed, along with the location and service times. If there’s an event that’s really special or unique, you’ll see it highlighted in red.

Not only can you grab our calendar on the website, but you can also export it to your preferred calendar program, like Outlook, Apple iCal or Google. Just click the red “Export Events” button on the bottom-right of the calendar page.

We hope Sunflower can be part of what makes 2020 great for you with more coffee services, new local partnerships and new locations. See you out there!