We’ll See You in 2020

The team at Sunflower Espresso is ready to charge into 2020 with renewed excitement and more services! We hope to catch you as we serve around Wichita, and to delight your senses with new drinks we’re developing.

One easy way to find us is to check out our online events calendar. Each public service we have on the books is listed, along with the location and service times. If there’s an event that’s really special or unique, you’ll see it highlighted in red.

Not only can you grab our calendar on the website, but you can also export it to your preferred calendar program, like Outlook, Apple iCal or Google. Just click the red “Export Events” button on the bottom-right of the calendar page.

We hope Sunflower can be part of what makes 2020 great for you with more coffee services, new local partnerships and new locations. See you out there!

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