Meet Our Partners: Nudge Compost

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Did you know that every year the average American family throws away around 500 pounds of food scraps that could be composted? Now imagine all the coffee and espresso grounds a coffee bus can produce!

That’s why we at Sunflower Espresso have partnered up with Nudge Compost. Their business model is simple. They provide us with several buckets (with liners and lids) where we put our food scraps and other compostable materials, and then they come by once a week to pick up and drop off clean buckets. That waste then gets turned into compost. The compost then goes back to costumers or gets donated to community gardens and schools.

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Nudge Compost hopes to help strengthen the long-term soil health of our city, increase food security through better efficiency within the food system, and to ultimately decrease food waste. Their environmental awareness and desire to provide a service that improves our community makes them terrific business partners!

If you’re also interested in partnering up with Nudge Compost, check out their website, and sign-up! They work with both commercial businesses AND private residences.

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